What is the purpose of orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a special discipline which involves the diagnosis, prevention and therapy of irregularities of the teeth. Orthodontic treatment is not a question of age. It can be carried out at any age.

Like no other discipline of dentistry, orthodontics impacts on smile and facial aesthetics. Orthodontics addresses not only the position of teeth in the jaw but also the correlation of the jaws and their position with respect to the patient’s face. The misalignment of teeth and jaws can interfere with vital functions such as chewing, breathing and speaking. Crowded teeth can cause the formation of periodontitis and caries.

To enable us to develop a clear, realistic treatment concept, we need certain diagnostic records. These initial records are measured both manually and digitally, and then evaluated to allow us to use these data to develop a detailed treatment plan. We will, of course, discuss the result of our evaluation with you, and frequently we will be able to suggest various potential treatment methods and treatment goals.

During your orthodontic treatment, we will undertake ongoing diagnostic procedures to ensure that the treatment goal is achieved.

A healthy, beautiful smile will inspire you and those around you.