Orthodontic treatment with fixed braces

This is a brief guide to the many different types of appliances available.

Metal brackets

  • Transparent brackets - white arch wires
  • Self-ligating brackets - Damon System
  • Lingual technology - invisible treatment
  • Superelastic arch wires
  • Jasper Jumper - non-compliance appliance
  • Pendulum appliance - non-compliance appliance
  • Orthodontic miniscrews
  • Maxillary expansion device

Metal bracketsMetal brackets

We only use the so-called mini brackets at our practice. These small metal mini brackets are less noticeable and easier to clean. These special brackets contain the necessary information to correct teeth.

Transparent bracketsTransparent brackets - white arch wires

The modern brackets made of ceramic or sapphire are hygienic, smooth and comfortable to wear. They prevent allergic reactions where a patient has an allergy to metal. White coated arch wires are also available which make a fixed appliance even less noticeable.

Self-ligating brackets - Damon System

These brackets have a mechanism to clip onto the arch wire so that no additional elastic or wire ligatures are required. This highly sophisticated slide mechanism ensures that the arch wire slides more freely through the brackets, making tooth movement easier. Daily hygiene is also easier because these brackets have no additional ties.

Lingual technologyLingual technology - invisible treatment

This technology corrects misaligned teeth by attaching a fixed brace behind the teeth, making it invisible from the front.


Superelastic arch wiresSuperelastic arch wires

These modern arch wires made from titanium alloy are used to exert a very slight force level over a longer period of time. Thermoelastic arch wires are activated by the patient’s body heat.

The use of superelastic materials can reduce treatment time.

Jasper Jumper - non-compliance appliance

Correction of teeth is possible - with minimal dependence on patient compliance - using modern non-compliance appliances. The Jasper Jumper can move a receding lower jaw into its ideal position in relation to the upper jaw without our having recourse to external aids.

Pendulum appliancePendulum appliance - non-compliance appliance

Small appliances fixed in the mouth or mini orthodontic implants can replace unpopular headgear. They allow treatments to be carried out which would otherwise prove very difficult or involve extracting permanent teeth. They are fixed and can function without the need for the patient’s compliance.

The pendulum appliance and various modifications move side teeth to create space.

Orthodontic miniscrews

Small titanium implants can reduce treatment time and the number of appliances used in the orthodontic therapy. In certain cases, it is no longer necessary to attach brackets to all teeth, side effects on neighbouring teeth are reduced and therefore total treatment time. Advantages of miniscrews include simple and fast insertion and removal, shorter length of treatment for the patient, good accessibility, and obvious aesthetic considerations during treatment.

Maxillary expansion device

The maxillary expansion device comprises a metal screw connected by arms to metal bands which are cemented onto the side teeth of the upper jaw. Where the upper dental arch is very narrow, this device allows marked expansion of the upper jaw in just a few weeks. This can only be achieved if the bones in the middle of the palate have not yet grown together. This ossification usually takes place after the age of 20. Maxillary expansion is generally no longer possible after this or only after surgical weakening of the bones. This method of treatment can not only widen the upper jaw substantially but also the nasal cavities which improves the patient’s nose breathing.

It is essential that patients attend their weekly check-up appointments in the first few weeks.

Treatment Children

Treatment Adults

Clear brackets

Sports mouthguards


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