Orthodontic treatment with removable appliances

This is a brief guide to the many different types of appliances available.

Expansion platesExpansion plates / Functional appliances

Removable orthodontic appliances are made of plastic and metal. Removable appliances can be used to move single teeth or whole groups of teeth.

Functional appliances are used to stop growth or simulate the growth plate while the jaws are still growing. A therapy using removable braces requires an extremely high level of compliance and understanding from patient and parents. Plastic parts are available in almost any colour and colour combination. The wires are nickel free.


Teeth moved by a fixed appliance are not yet securely fixed in the bone.

A positioner prevents teeth moving back to their original position while the bone sets around the teeth. A positioner also allows the fine adjustment of teeth. This so-called “finishing” ensures better stability in the success of the treatment.

Clear alignersClear aligners - the invisible treatment for adult patients

Removable, transparent, tailor-made aligners can correct misalignment of teeth without the need for metal or wires.

Treatment with aligners depends on whether a patient is a suitable candidate. Patients have to be assessed on a case to case basis to determine whether teeth can be positioned using this type of treatment. Treatment is divided into individual stages with an aligner for each stage. Each aligner is worn for about 2 weeks, applying continuous pressure and moving teeth to the previously determined position.