Private health insurances refund in line with the patient’s specific insurance tariff. The patient should submit a tailored treatment and cost estimate to the insurance company before treatment begins and ascertain the services that will be covered by the insurance and the costs the patient will personally have to pay.

Statutory health insurances currently cover 80% of the cost of treatment for the first child, 90% for additional children for services performed by panel dentists. When treatment is successfully completed, the 20% resp. 10% retained by the insurance will also be refunded.


Parents must themselves finance services not covered by the insurance which are required for an optimised orthodontic treatment.

New regulations were introduced in 2002 - Orthodontic Indication Groups - according to which an orthodontist has to assess jaw or teeth misalignment on a rating system of 1-5 before treatment begins.

Statutory health insurances will not refund any costs whatsoever in the case of jaw or tooth misalignment assessed with a rating of 1 or 2, even where a patient is suffering from malocclusion and requires treatment.

The orthodontist classifies the maldevelopment of teeth according to precisely measurable criteria. The classification is registered by the health insurances and checked by an expert. Doctor hopping is therefore pointless.

Statutory health insurances will only cover the costs of orthodontic treatment after the age of 18 if the patient has severe misalignment of the jaw which can be corrected by so-called combination treatment (orthodontic / oral surgery).

We will be happy to provide a treatment and cost estimate and advise you about payment options (partial payments).

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