Oral hygiene

Healthy teeth are no accident

Regular dental care and regular visits to the dentist prevent the formation of caries. We recommend a systematic brushing technique so you do not forget to brush all the surfaces of your teeth. Flossing is a really important factor and should play a special role in the patient’s oral hygiene. Special brushes are available in varying sizes for cleaning between teeth and even in narrow areas.

oral hygiene

Fluoride preparations in the form of toothpaste, mouthrinses and dental varnish help to harden enamel. Mouthrinses and gels containing chlorhexidine have an antibacterial effect and inhibit the formation of plaque.

Care of removable braces

Braces must be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria entering the oral cavity. This is done with a toothbrush and water. Special cleansing tablets can also be used. When removing your brace, you should always keep it dry in a special storage case.

Care of fixed braces

Optimum oral hygiene is decisive when patients are undergoing orthodontic treatment. This has to be optimised during therapy with a fixed appliance by regular prophylaxis at your orthodontic practice (professional dental cleaning). Patients too have to invest more time in dental care. It is imperative that you follow oral hygiene instructions, otherwise caries will develop in a very short time. Patients are given detailed advice about oral hygiene techniques by our dental professionals. We supply patients with a “starter package” containing all the necessary aids to ensure optimum oral hygiene.

Sealing the area around brackets

Apart from optimum oral hygiene, fluoride-containing bonding and a sealant help prevent demineralisation and staining. The area around the brackets is sealed by a transparent protective varnish, which is applied to the teeth and then hardens, before the brackets are fixed. This protective varnish prevents bacteria damaging the dental enamel around the brackets. The varnish contains fluoride which is slowly absorbed into the enamel and strengthens it.

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