zahnspangenOrthodontics no longer holds any fear for adults and children, and famous celebrities serve as role models. The use of innovative materials and optimised treatment techniques, which also offer an aesthetic solution, make orthodontic treatment fast and kind to surrounding tissue.

Whether we use fixed or removable braces depends on the degree of the patient’s teeth or jaw misalignment, as well as age, and can only be decided individually after a thorough examination.

No matter whether a “fixed” or “removable” brace is fitted, the patient’s compliance plays an extremely important role.

As part of orthodontic treatment, we recommend an analysis of how the patient’s chewing system functions. The aim of this analysis is to identify affected structures and to eliminate the causes at an early stage.

Healthy teeth are no accident

Regular dental care and regular visits to the dentist prevent the formation of caries. We recommend a systematic brushing technique so you do not forget to brush all the surfaces of your teeth. Flossing is a really important factor and should play a special role in the patient’s oral hygiene. Special brushes are available in varying sizes for cleaning between teeth and even in narrow areas.

Private health insurances refund in line with the patient’s specific insurance tariff. The patient should submit a tailored treatment and cost estimate to the insurance company before treatment begins and ascertain the services that will be covered by the insurance and the costs the patient will personally have to pay.

Statutory health insurances currently cover 80% of the cost of treatment for the first child, 90% for additional children for services performed by panel dentists. When treatment is successfully completed, the 20% resp. 10% retained by the insurance will also be refunded.

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Sports mouthguards


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