A good night’s sleep is vital for your body to get enough rest. Snoring is the sound made by the vibration of the soft palate or partial blockage of the airway by the tongue falling back into the throat.

The distinction is made between harmless snoring and snoring which is potentially a health hazard.

Harmless snoring with a regular breathing rate does not affect breathing, the snorer does not disrupt his/her own sleep pattern, and the cardiovascular system is not subject to stress. But even harmless snoring causes the throat to become dry, the patient has difficulty swallowing, suffers from hoarseness and a swollen throat. Sleep deprivation of the snorer’s partner trying to sleep in the same bed can have a considerable impact on personal relationships.

Snoring becomes a potentially serious disorder when snorers repeatedly stop breathing at regular intervals while sleeping. This is known as sleep apnea syndrome.


Where longer episodes occur when breathing stops, this causes snorers to wake up and start breathing again. Sufferers of so-called sleep apnea suffer from fatigue during the day, and an increased risk of a stroke or heart attack.

Extensive examination and consultation with specialists such as ENT physicians, internists or sleep physicians, has shown that snoring can be reduced or even eliminated in many cases by an appliance.
Oral appliances usually advance the lower jaw forward to tighten tissues in the throat and keep the upper airway open. By fitting an oral appliance, we can follow the patient’s progress and ensure that therapy is effective.

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